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All about Methodism

What is Methodism and who was John Wesley?

As a Methodist school, and we are a part of the Methodist Church. Methodism began in the 18th century, and is associated with John Wesley, a vicar in the Church of England.

John, and his brother Charles, led a reform movement within the Church of England that prioritised prayer, systematic study of the bible and with an emphasis on social justice, ending poverty, and working among marginalised people, including prisoners. Because they were so disciplined and methodical in these above aims, their friends called them ‘methodists’ as a nickname.

John Wesley wanted everyone to know that they were loved by God, that Jesus had forgiven their sins and had given them a new life, based on a similar life-changing experience that he himself had had.

Wesley lived out his Christian faith. He travelled on horseback, riding a quarter of a million miles in his lifetime, to spread the message of Jesus. He often preached two or three times each day in the open air. He believed that in the eyes of God, everyone was included, and everyone was important.

John Wesley believed that education was very important, because through learning we can help other people. Wesley founded a school in Bristol for the coal mining community so that everyone, regardless of their status in society, had access to a high quality educational foundation. Over the years, many Methodist Churches around the country had a school attached, in order to provide a first-class education. Methodist schools bring a Christian ethos to this education.

Stained glass window shows life of John Wesley