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Lunch Menus

Our school lunches are cooked daily on the premises. Over 80% of the meals are freshly prepared from unprocessed ingredients and school meals contain no undesirable food additives or trans fats.

All fresh and cooked meat and poultry products satisfy U.K. farm assurance standards.

The aim of our school meals service is to positively influence the diets of our pupils and always to think about where the food on our plates comes from and how it was produced.

Every day there is a choice of meals, including 1 vegetarian option. Additionally, our lovely school cook also provides baked potatoes with different fillings and a salad bar from which the children can choose from a variety of fresh produce to go with their choice of meal. Furthermore, on Tuesday and Thursday our cook offers an extra choice of freshly made sandwiches for those children who fancy a change.

Your child chooses their preferred lunch at the start of each day and this information is sent to the kitchen so that your child is guaranteed their choice of food.

Each Friday we offer our Friday Favourites, which is normally either cheese and tomato pizza or fish and chips. If your child does not normally have a school dinner they are welcome to have Friday Favourites by booking and paying at the school office at the start of the day.

A typical choice of meals may be:

Pork meatballs and pasta in tomato sauce with garden peas OR salmon fish fingers with potato wedges and baked beans OR filled jacket potato

Lancashire beef burger in a bun with corn on the cob OR Cheesy whirl puff with potato wedges and baked beans OR filled jacket potato

SPECIAL DIETS AND ALLERGIES - it is school and Lancashire policy to provide a service for those children with medical diagnosed food allergies or intolerances or for those with a medical condition which affects eating requirements. Please let the school office know if this applies to your child.

For further information regarding allergens and special diets, please visit

All children in Reception class and Years 1 and 2 are entitled to free school meals as part of the Government's Universal Free School Meal. This is worth over £400 per year per child. For more information, please come and speak to the staff in the school office.

Plus if you receive certain benefits or have income below the Government threshold, register your entitlement to free school meals for any older children with the area Education office (0300 123 6701), give them your name, date of birth and National Insurance number and they will tell you if you are eligible.